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The development of efficient fully automated is the inevitable trend of food packaging machinery
Add Time : 2012.6.13
The food packaging industry forward to build a new type of packaging machinery, to lead packaging machinery to the development of integrated, efficient, intelligent direction. The servo drive will become a core component products. The automation technology in the packaging production line has accounted for more than 70%, the extensive use of computer design and mechatronics control, improve productivity, equipment flexibility and flexibility to increase the robot to complete the complex actions of packaging.

Packaging machinery in China started relatively late in the world and the fastest growing in the case of the food industry, showing a burgeoning, thriving situation. Food packaging machinery industry in China has risen rapidly, but also to China’s packaging machinery product innovation, is now basically meet the demand of major food manufacturers.

However, a lot of packaging machinery enterprises trickery "Taking advantage of price gouging to reap huge profits. The price gap hope the price they can not afford to allow customers to do nothing. Furthermore the quality is the soul of the product, based on the market With the intensification of competition in the market of China’s packaging machinery, packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in order to a lower than the price of other industry manufacturers cut corners in the process of production, to inferior charge hurt the majority of the users of packaging machinery products, serious damage to the packaging machinery market order. By big obstacle for the development of China’s packaging machinery industry. .

Always look at the development of food packaging machinery, on the size of equipment not only expanding, but is accelerating to the optical and electrical integration, automation propulsion. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensor technology and new materials in packaging machinery will be more widely used, the urgent need for all enterprises to introduce new technologies to the production high efficiency, high degree of automation, reliability, flexibility, high technical content packaging equipment to enter.

Efficiency: a high degree of efficiency in the food processing, mechatronics technology and optical, electrical, fluid, automatic control technology to achieve continuous production equipment instead of batch production equipment, specialized production equipment to replace general production equipment, the humane production equipment instead of the small and medium-sized production equipment. Production line to achieve continuous production, specialization for

Filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials, production equipment, domestic enterprises have made great strides. However, China’s food packaging machinery product performance, stability and reliability. Need help packaging machinery products with the high-end side technology upgrades.

Automated packaging machinery: the future will be coordinated with the trend of industrial automation, packaging equipment to promote overall level. Intelligent CNC system, the encoder and the digital control components, dynamic load control, and new smart devices have been widely applied to the packaging machinery and equipment, more independence during the operation of the equipment user, flexibility and correctness of operation, high efficiency and compatibility. The automated adjustment scale operation can significantly improve production efficiency and economic benefits.
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