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Interpretation packaging machinery packaging watching future
Add Time : 2012.6.24
Packaging machinery is able to complete all or part of the product and commodity packaging machinery. The packaging process including filling, wrapping, sealing and other major processes, as well as the measurement or stamp on the package, and other processes. Use mechanical packaging products to increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, adapt to the needs of large-scale production, and to meet hygiene requirements.

The development of packaging machinery for food, medicine modern processing and mass to provide the necessary guarantees. Special pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical packaging materials to packaging, from the environmental requirements to more stringent identification processing than the food packaging harsher restrictions. This makes pharmaceutical packaging machinery developed into a relatively independent of the machinery industry. Of course, from the whole, the majority of our data technology is more advanced research and development of packaging machinery in a generic class, the independent development of the capacity is still very limited. For this reason, many large foreign enterprises, the technology and components introduced into China in the local processing, thereby reducing the cost of, and engaged in a fierce competition with local products.

At present, China has become the world’s largest commodity production and export country, at the same time, the global attention focused on the fastest growing, largest, most potential Chinese packaging market. Despite the broad domestic of Jinan packaging machinery market prospects, such as stand-alone automation, stability, and reliability is poor, unsightly appearance, short life and other issues also suffered criticism of the domestic packaging machinery products.

Safety testing technology: safety in any industry keywords, especially in the packaging industry. Security detection technology in the food industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Currently, food safety packaging machinery embodied not only limited to the range of simple physical parameters, but also concerned about the color of the food, raw materials and other factors. In expanding the scope of application of packaging machinery, so continue to put forward new requirements for machinery manufacturers as well as automation supplier.

Motion control technology: motion control technology is very rapid development in the country, but fatigue seems to increase the momentum of the packaging machinery industry. Motion control products and packaging machinery to achieve precise position control and stringent the speed synchronization requirements, mainly used for loading and unloading, transport, marking, palletizing, palletizers process. Professor Li motion control technology is the difference between one of the key factors in the low-end packaging machinery, packaging machinery upgrades technical support.

Flexible production: At present, the major companies to adapt to fierce market competition, product replacement cycle is becoming shorter and shorter. It is understood that the production of cosmetics, generally up to three years for a change, a change or even a quarter, while production volume is relatively large, so the high demands for flexible packaging machinery and flexibility: the life of packaging machinery much larger than the product life cycle. Because the only way to comply with the requirements of the production economy. Consider flexible concept from three aspects: the amount of flexibility, the flexibility of the structure and flexibility of supply.

Manufacturing Execution Systems: In recent years, the momentum of rapid development of integration technology in the packaging industry. The more types of packaging machinery and equipment, which makes transmission between products from different vendors interface docking, equipment and industrial machines, information and equipment encountered great difficulties. In this case, the packaging company turned to the manufacturing execution system (MES) to seek solutions.

Packaging Machinery in China to meet the needs of the rapid development of the food industry, and actively participate in international competition, we must break the "small and scattered the industry trend to continue moving forward in the direction of the" sophisticated ". The industry believes that the packaging industry will be coordinated with the trend of industrial automation, diversified technology development toward the mechanical function, the structural design of standardized, modular, intelligent control, structural precision, and several other direction.

Control features intelligent control system is the brain of the machinery and equipment, and also the action directive issued core device. Packaging machinery manufacturers generally use a programmable logic controller (PLC controller), this device does not have a powerful industrial computer (PC) have. For most of the traditional mechanical control equipment adopts PLC is appropriate, because the need to control the number of parameters is limited, many places still mechanically controlled, for example, the torque control is the use of a mechanical clutch motor overload protection. However, with the improvement of the degree of automation equipment, computer-controlled equipment is more and more applied to various sensing components, detection equipment parts, control parts, the number of actuators is very large, the PLC will not be able to have so many parameter management and control, and industrial PC is the best choice. wide variety of packaging machine, consider the following factors in the selection should be focused on.

a) Packing speed. Pillow or vertical adjustable 10-60 packets / sec for production efficiency and packaging machine performance considerations, the choice of speed to enhance the progress of the entire production.

b) To determine whether the packaged goods need to fill other protective gas (nitrogen). Optionally with a packaging machine of the inflator apparatus or exhaust means.

c) packaging items for weight and measurement accuracy requirements. Can be used such as packaged goods less precision metering optional displacement measurement, high precision electronic weighing packaging machine.

d) packaging materials for the types of packaging machine. The time of purchase, the the packaging solid particles dry, the choice of particle packing machine, rules block pillow packing machine, powder screw metering powder packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, sauce packaging machine.

e) the appearance of the requirements of the packaging bag. Can be selected according to the characteristics of the packaging, pillow sealing, side sealing, four
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