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A blister common quality problems
Add Time : 2012.7.13
PULL is too large, is seen as defective and can not be used for high-grade blister packaging and revolving trays field, but in parts, as long as PULL neatly, does not affect the use of function should be treated as a qualified product. The PULL they called: Laqiu cramps. Scratches: blister finished, especially with scratch marks on a transparent blister, if the traces are too long, too, the blister become defective, and can not be used in high-end packaging. Crystallization point: in the plastic sheet in the production process, due to the fine dust in the air, and fall on the heated plastic material, resulting in a transparent defect, especially in the production process of a transparent plastic sheet, such defects too large, excessive deemed defective. Bubble: in the plastic sheet in the production process, due to the heating of the plastic material containing air, to produce the finished sheet material is provided with bubbles, especially in the production process of a transparent plastic sheet, such bubbles are too large, excessive, it is considered defective. Water ripple: plastic sheet production processes, materials and processing technology, so that the sheet surface to produce the finished surface of the water ripple, particularly in a transparent plastic sheet production process, this excessive water ripples , too, it is considered defective. Under normal circumstances, the thicker the sheet, the water ripples more obvious. The PET material qualified rarely water ripples, but most PVC has a water wave phenomenon exists. Will have different problems for different plastic products, such as card hemming blister, the main problem is behind the the hems bad, will tilt to. The main problem the buckle bit Blister is not in place, buckle on folding boxes.

Blister packaging machine molding production undue line projections (mold), you need to modify the mold (reduced height and increased park slip) and add additional pressure die (we call it the upper die) to solve.

Toward the trend of the development of lightweight plastic packaging reduces packaging weight, are beneficial to the environment and corporate profitability, and light weight is a common industrial vocabulary used to describe by using less packaging material production packaging weight loss practice . Generally speaking, plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic hose and plastic cover the type of container is easier to achieve weight loss goals.
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