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The numerous contradictions packaging machinery enterprises to pay close attention to food packaging chance
Add Time : 2012.7.15
Packaging machinery industry in the face of many unfavorable factors, the most urgent is to change the packaging machinery industry in the development of enterprises, enterprises standing at a new starting point up to examine and solve all kinds of contradictions and problems, change the development concept, strengthen independent innovationincrease market awareness, and vigorously promote the development of the domestic packaging machinery industry. To change the status quo of the packaging machinery industry, to promote the development of packaging machinery, pay attention to the development trend of packaging machinery industry while great strides.

Prerequisite for the development of the packaging industry can still see the contradictions in the packaging machinery industry in Jinan, the enterprise can not cope with the changing situation, the industry, the development of ideas and the development of the situation incompatible; technological innovation capability is weak, the slow progress of technology new product development has not fundamentally extricated itself from imitation research tracking the situation is not so strong, economic growth, improvement in efficiency is still mainly rely on the scale to pull.

See dairy packaging machinery
With the rapid development of China’s dairy industry, dairy manufacturers competition intensified, which subsequently led to the development of associated processing and packaging machinery industry. Industrial structure, the focus of the homogenization of serious domestic dairy competition are concentrated in the milk compete for market to preemption and technology upgrade several aspects, except a handful of dairy giant, most milk prices are looking forward to their limited resources advantage transformed into a market economic benefits of an effective way to find the survival and development of space.
Good yogurt packaging must bring a good share of sales in the increasingly fierce market competition, and packaging technology has been improved with innovation, and constantly adapt to the development of the dairy industry and customer needs. Dairy packaging machinery industry to start a war.
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